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To view our full selection of recent Eclipse stories click here The Eclipse "Vision" "The vision of Eclipse, on a technology level, was to have a single platform that multiple vendors would contribute to that could target small devices, like embedded devices, or workstations or mainframes. "So it’s sort of like from the wristwatch to the mainframe. Because of the current number of people that are really engaged in working on this, we're really only able to really optimize in the workstation environment but the technology capabilities are to drive it into the embedded, drive it into the J2EE Web services space, to drive it into industry verticals, and that requires lots of people who have those skill sets to contribute...far more than any one company, even [a company] the size of IBM. But, by having that extensible platform, multiple people with specific skill sets woul... (more)

"Zorn" Is Born: Latest Eclipse Foundation Member Is Macromedia

Macromedia today announced plans to join the Eclipse Foundation: the company will deliver a next-generation rich Internet application (RIA) development tool based on Eclipse, codenamed "Zorn." Zorn will provide professional developers with a robust tool set for developing rich Internet applications using the Macromedia Flex framework, says Macromedia. The Flex server combines the standards-based Flex development framework with a powerful set of runtime services to deliver enterprise-class rich Internet applications. Currently there are more than 300 enterprise customers for Flex... (more)

"What's MIA in SOA?" Asks Metallect's CEO Guy Hoffman

An Eclipse plug-in was unveiled at SYS-CON Events' 10th SOA Web Services Edge 2006 Conference & Expo to provide visibility and knowledge into the entire application infrastructure - for analyzing application logic across technologies. "A growing number of developers within enterprises are utilizing Eclipse as their standard IDE," said Guy Hoffman, President & CEO, Metallect, at a general session presentation given in the sumptuous Grand Ballroom of New York City's historic Roosevelt Hotel, "but their view is limited to the source languages supported by the Eclipse Platform and is... (more)

Eclipse Special: Milestone Build Now Available - Eclipse 3.0 M8

To view our full selection of recent Eclipse stories click here In summarizing all the features in the Eclipse 3.0 M8 build that are new since the previous milestone build, M7, the Eclipse.org download site has a comprehensive approach. Everything is itemized, from the new full-screen welcome page to cheat sheets for walking the user through a lengthy sequence of steps. Here's a brief selection: Code samples are now available off the new welcome page, the drag and drop feedback is improved, there's an improved Fastview bar, better scalability when there are multiple tabs, and improv... (more)

KeepResident Eclipse Plugin

"The performance of Eclipse (and other large Java applications) has long suffered due to the Windows virtual memory manager," writes Jon Eaves in a recent blog . Windows has a tendency to preemptively swap Java processes out of physical memory, writes Eaves. Even when there is still plenty of physical memory available. "This interacts very poorly with Java processes, which do not have good locality and touch a lot of memory. The problem is exacerbated when Java performs garbage collection, which causes the Java process to touch lots of memory that has been paged out to disk. E... (more)