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To view our full selection of recent Eclipse stories click here "Where we are moving now is if you look at products today from Rational, 80% of them are Eclipse-integrated today. As a general, strategic direction, we are moving them from Eclipse-integrated to Eclipse-based." "You will see greater and greater integration and construction on top of the Eclipse framework, so basically, Eclipse is at the core of all the products that we build as part of the software development platform." Jeffrey Hammond, group market manager for IBM Rational Software [speaking during a news briefing, March 28, 2003]   Other planned IBM initiatives: Making UML 2.0 modeling capabilities available as part of Eclipse - IBM will produce standardized mapping between Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) and UML. Making seamless the import of business process models from WebSphere Business In... (more)

Eclipse Special: Eclipse in the News

To view our full selection of recent Eclipse stories click here The Eclipse "Vision" "The vision of Eclipse, on a technology level, was to have a single platform that multiple vendors would contribute to that could target small devices, like embedded devices, or workstations or mainframes. "So it’s sort of like from the wristwatch to the mainframe. Because of the current number of people that are really engaged in working on this, we're really only able to really optimize in the workstation environment but the technology capabilities are to drive it into the embedded, drive it into ... (more)

Acucorp Closer to Creating Eclipse Plug-In

With the announcement of IBM TXSeries support, IBM business partner Acucorp, a provider of legacy application modernization solutions, has taken a step closer to developing an Eclipse plug-in. Acucorp's announced support of IBM TXSeries is a positive step towards greater plug-in compatibility with Eclipse. Acucorp is a so-called "Add-In Provider" member of the Eclipse Foundation. The company, for over ten years, has allied itself with IBM, providing tools designed to enhance flexibility within IBM's various distributed environments. Acucorp has said it stands committed towards th... (more)

KeepResident Eclipse Plugin

"The performance of Eclipse (and other large Java applications) has long suffered due to the Windows virtual memory manager," writes Jon Eaves in a recent blog . Windows has a tendency to preemptively swap Java processes out of physical memory, writes Eaves. Even when there is still plenty of physical memory available. "This interacts very poorly with Java processes, which do not have good locality and touch a lot of memory. The problem is exacerbated when Java performs garbage collection, which causes the Java process to touch lots of memory that has been paged out to disk. E... (more)

Eclipse and IBM WebSphere Environments Gaining Desktop Integration

MKS is putting onto developers' desktops the company's enterprise-grade software configuration management (SCM) solution, MKS Integrity Manager 4.6. The move is part of an effort on behalf of MKS to integrate Eclipse (2.1, 2.1.1, 3.0) and IBM WebSphere Studio development environments, including WSAD, WSSD and WDSc for iSeries (5.1 and later). Integrity Manager will work across distributed, mainframe, and iSeries platforms.   Other SCM providers enable developers working within Eclipse and IBM WebSphere... (more)